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Who Is Red X In Teen Titans. With this return, the question that we are going to explore is who is this new red x in this weeks cartoon conspiracy. Grayson was the first red x, this one the second but brick was the fourth.

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Many things have plagued their new academy for super teens lately but red x has been the one constant thorn in their side. Discussion, cosplay images, fan art, fan fiction, tattoos, theories, and videos are welcome! Jason being red x in the teen titans show would mirror his role as red hood in the comics.

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Jason todd being as good as dick grayson in teen titans could just be chalked up to a difference the show decided to do. Jason todd returns from the dead. In the latest issue of dc comics' teen titans academy, the mysterious red x has finally gone too far, becoming a legitimate threat and danger in the dc universe.

However, After Abandoning The Suit, A Mysterious Person Stole The Identity And Used The Red X Personality To Work Against And Alongside The Titans.

Red x is a villain persona created and used by robin to gain needed access to h.i.v.e. Spoilers ahead for teen titans academy #9!. The mysterious villain from the teen titans cartoon of the early 2000s made their debut in the comics in future state, before becoming a regular fixture in the team's infinite frontier series.

Discussion, Cosplay Images, Fan Art, Fan Fiction, Tattoos, Theories, And Videos Are Welcome!

Originally an alias robin used to get closer to slade, an unknown person took up the red x identity after stealing the suit and used it to become a professional thief. Red x was obviously a predecessor to red xiii. First introduced in the animated series teen titans, he was robin's rival and archenemy.

Grayson Was The First Red X, This One The Second But Brick Was The Fourth.

While red x was originally a concept that came from the animated teen titans series, it's now become a part of nightwing's past in the comics thanks to writer tim sheridan and. After the reveal of robin being red x in the episode masks, red x makes a surprise return later in the episode x. He uses it to go undercover with deathstroke.

Who Really Is Red X??

2 2 0 dcaubeyond · 4/30/2021 prbably an alternate robin,probably talon who's owlman's robin. One of the biggest mysteries that has hung over the infinite frontier era is the identity of red x, the masked alter ego formerly used by nightwing to go undercover incognito and hang out with less than savory types in the. Red x has no identity.