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Save The Bees Donation. Which is why we are proud to donate to the new mexico beekeepers association to help save the bees! 13 bee species have become extinct in the uk since 1900 and a further 35 are on the threatened species list.

Donate Now Save the bees, Bee, Honey bee
Donate Now Save the bees, Bee, Honey bee from

By 2015, the number had dropped to just 2.74 million.and in recent years the number has dropped even further. We need your help to finance research into how we can combat these threats. Since 1947, the us human population has increased by 128% while the total us managed honey bee population has decreased by 54%.

Donate If Not For Kind People Like You, We Wouldn't Be Here.

Because of their ongoing support to save the bees, we are excited to work With your generosity, we are able to continue our work to save bees and other pollinators. So while you or your loved ones enjoy these meaningful gifts, you are also helping protect essential eco.

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Honeybees face several threats from climate change to loss of forage to the use of pesticides and pests and diseases. While they receive federal money, they do depend on private donations. We establish and maintain beehives and ground nesting sites to support the declining global population of honeybees and native bees.

University Of Minnesota’s Bee Lab.

The um bee lab also offers education and training for new beekeepers. This rate of loss being experienced is unsustainable for our nation\'s food security. Ste 200, reno, nv 89503.

By Planting A Bee Garden, You Can Create A Habitat Corridor With Plants That Are Rich In Pollen And Nectar.

Through t heir european citizens’ initiative, “save bees and farmers”,. We need your help to finance research into how we can combat these threats. Contributions from generous people like yourself has helped us get us to.

Every $250 Donation Saves A Hive (Around 50,000 Bees) We Use Your Donation To Rescue Bees From Extermination Then Relocate And Rehabilitate Them At One Of Our Many Apiaries Throughout Texas.

Consequently, we are also proud to announce a partnership with hart mind soul and the hms nation for the 2020 year. Make a donation or host a fundraiser. 100% of your donation goes towards saving pollinators in a critical time.