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Save Polar Bear. As scientist katharine hayhoe says, when it comes to global climate warming and a future for polar bears, “we need all options on the table and all hands on deck.”. Save polar bears by protecting mothers and cubs, experts say.

Save the Polar Bears Donation Commercial YouTube
Save the Polar Bears Donation Commercial YouTube from

The polar bear is in danger due to the planet’s global warming and can only survive the arctic melting if you get to lower the earth’s temperature. A polar bear’s fur isn’t actually white. Can you help her overco.

Her Home, The Arctic, Is Melting Away, So She Decides To Move To The Eternal Ice Of Antarctica.

That is why they are called “polar bears” and not “summer bears.” polar bears have very few natural threats in the polar region. Polar bears depend on hunting for food out on the sea ice, higher temperatures due to climate change causes the arctic sea ice to melt and diminish more rapidly and earlier for each year. You want to go green for the sake of the polar bears so make sure to turn off lights that are not being used.

Habitat They Need The Cold, Snow And Ice Of The Polar Regions.

This happy polar bear thanks you for helping save its home! As the summertime extent of sea ice has shrunk in the arctic over the past several decades, some populations have declined. Polar bears and people share the same planet—and the same fate.

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5 female polar bears are able to survive for about six months without food. Make a habit of reducing your electricity consumption. Polar bears will go extinct if greenhouse gas emissions are not curbed.

The Greatest Threat To The Polar Bears’ Survival Is Global Warming.

By the time the polar bear eats the seal, the mercury levels could have a lethal effect on the polar bear. But in the current world stopping these completely would be nearly impossible. For the past two decades, scientists have been monitoring the furnishings of a warming chill on the world's polar bears — and the bears' time to come has looked increasingly bleak.

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Researchers used two models to look at how emissions will affect polar bears. You can also win and collect more than 50 stickers with information about all the animals. This will reduce greenhouse gases and hopefully have a positive impact on polar bears.