Peta Save The Whales

Peta Save The Whales. Peta's new billboard campaign in florida is raising eyebrows and ire among women and health groups. Skip to the end of the images gallery.

A Lotta Nerve Controversial Billboards
A Lotta Nerve Controversial Billboards from

For starters, they form strong family bonds and are devoted mothers. There’s been a big stink in the news lately. About peta’s campaign to save the whales and dolphins at seaworld.

Seaworld Confines Whales And Dolphins To Small Concrete Tanks At Marine Abuse Ment Parks Across The Country, Where They Slowly Go Insane From Stress And Frustration.

The “save the whales” quote is obviously a. Yesterday morning, peta founder ingrid newkirk appeared on the radio show montel across america to discuss her organization's horrible save the whales billboard in jacksonville, florida. At only 2 years old, when he was approximately 13 feet long, he was torn away from his family and ocean home.

If I Had My Choice, I’d.

A drawing on billboards in jacksonville depicts an obese woman with the phrase, save the whales, lose the blubber: Yea, from what i remember, its brain came out its eye socket. With more than 93 million americans affected by obesity, this type of unacceptable stigmatization of.

Go Vegetarian. In A Press Release, Peta Stated:

The “lose the blubber” quote was meant to inform people who are overweight or are struggling to lose weight that going vegetarian can be an effective way to do so. Neither advertising a man or a woman as being overweight or having excess “blubber” is appropriate. Tilikum was captured near iceland in november of 1983, over 30 years ago.

Fat, Feminist, Lesbian, Queer And Other Plain Reasonable Folks.

The animal activist group peta posted a billboard in florida with a photo of an obese woman in a bikini with the tag line, “save the whales, lose the blubber: To create generations of animals the company can exploit for profit, staff sexually abuse and impregnate. Displayed near several restaurants that serve sea life dishes, peta’s appeal reminds diners and whale watchers that fishing gear kills 300,000.

While Peta Is Trying To Promote How Being A Vegetarian Is Important, They Contradict The Innocence Of Healthy Eating By Targeting Women.

And why must the blubber be defined only on a woman in this billboard. There’s been a big stink in the news lately. The billboard shows a picture of a woman, she has her back turned and appears to be overweight, next to the big text that says save the 'whales'. then the ad follows with the slogan lose the blubber: