Mass Save Heat Loan Authorization Form

Mass Save Heat Loan Authorization Form. The heat loan intake form (in this packet), making sure to sign it. (required) yes no desired monthly payment or term requested:

Mass Save® HEAT Loan
Mass Save® HEAT Loan from

The mass save program works with sponsors and the massachusetts department of energy resources to increase energy efficiency for residents and businesses. You will submit a completed heat loan intake form, contractor proposal, and other documents noted on the checklists that came with your assessment packet. Participating lenders must ensure that the system on your proposal meets mass save’s minimum requirements.

Borrow Up To $25,000 For Up To Seven Years At 0% Interest.

When you receive your authorization form from the heat loan program administrator, you are ready to apply. You will need to provide copy of your gas, oil, propane, and electric bills to your sales consultant. Metro participates in the mass save® residential heat loan program to offer members 0% interest loans for up to $25,000, with terms up to 7 years.

The Heat Loan Intake Form (In This Packet), Making Sure To Sign It.

Fill out the heat loan intake form, which will be provided to you during your home energy assessment by your mass save representative. Mass save® heat loan how to apply choose a contractor for the improvements you want to make. Apply for a mass save 0% loan through a participating lender.

One Service In Particular That Mass Save Offers Is The Heat Loan.

Now that you’ve completed a home energy assessment, are you ready to take advantage of 0% financing? An overview of the mass save heat loan program. Measures are installed and mass save.

Participating Lenders Must Ensure That The System On Your Proposal Meets Mass Save’s Minimum Requirements.

If your work meets program eligibility requirements, you will receive an authorization form via email within a week of submission. If your spring and summer plans include a home improvement which also increases your home’s energy efficiency, you could get a 0% loan for your home project with alpha credit union through our partnership with mass save®. This form is not cached (saved in your computer's memory) when you quit your browser.

The Heat Loan Intake Form (In This Packet), Making Sure To Sign It.

How to apply for a mass save ® heat loan from eastern bank Everything you need to get started is in this packet. Customer receives heat loan authorization form.