7.3 Powerstroke Life Expectancy

7.3 Powerstroke Life Expectancy. Of course, maximum miles require maximum maintenance. Welcome to the dg basic the life expectancy of the engine is based on how you abuse it lol if youve beaten it, its gunna be a little lower.if you baby it it will be alittle higher.

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The powerstroke itself holds 13 quarts and the filter holds close to 2 quarts of oil. The 7.3 powerstroke holds up to 15 quarts of 15w40 engine oil. It has just under 150,000 miles.

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A ford man all my life. The 91 7.3 idi is a completely different motor compared to the 7.3 powerstroke. What makes 1999 so special in regards to the 7.3 is that year was the culmination of one of the best engines ever made, with the bugs worked out before modifications were made to the core engine.

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The serial number of a 7.3 liter power stroke engine is located on the rear oil cooler pad (driver’s side rear of engine, the “pad” is where the oil filter assembly mounts to the engine block). The weight of a 7.3 powerstroke is approximately 970 pounds (440 kgs) when dry. A smaller number of 7.3l power stroke diesel engines reportedly have reached 500,000 miles with proper maintenance.

2003 Is A Sad Year For Us 7.3 Powerstroke Enthusiasts As It Was The Last Production Year.

#5 · jul 5, 2008. I put about 70k miles on it after i bought it with 100k on the clicker. 7.3 powerstroke life expectancy is 400,000 to 500,000 miles if unmodified and well maintained.

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I know you can have issues with any engine. As a result, it’s best to avoid the powerstroke 7.3l in 2001. The 7.3 powerstroke is commonly referred to as the “legendary 7.3”.

The Reason For 7.3 Powerstroke Years To Avoid Is For Establishing A Point Of Discussion Regarding Interconnecting Rods.

03 king ranch w/ a cummins. They are a great motor we had them in our rr work trucks from '95.they had the chit beat out of them and kept on going.way better than the diesel that came after them. Those modifications led to a much less reliable.